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What Are Real Ads?

If You Have A Real Estate Sale In Your Future This May Be The Best News You’ve Received, set this letter aside for a time when you can read it thoroughly.

Is this just another real estate solicitation? Not really. The purpose of this page is to introduce you to Real Ads™ a unique format for marketing real estate and a small real estate company that delivers first class service. If this information isn?t pertinent to you at this time, please forward this page on to someone who can use it or bookmark it for a time when you do need it.

Next to the INTERNET, Real Ads™ are probably the single biggest innovation in real estate advertising and they are only offered by one company. Prior to the INTERNET, the Multiple Listing Service was the first technological step forward and it was introduced in the late 1950’s. Take a look at the enclosed Real Ad™. This ad was used for the marketing and sale of a recent listing. Examine it closely! This piece of marketing is unique, informative, professional in appearance and very effective. There is more strategy, logic and subtle marketing in Real Ads™ than is readily apparent and it provides a great deal of pertinent information to the person who needs it the most… a prospective buyer.

A typical ad includes the following key elements which set the listed property apart from the competition: a floor plan of the house and a plat drawing of the property, an area map (so recipients of an ad can drive to the property) and a narrative description of your property which highlights the benefits to be found in purchasing this home over others in the area. Buyers like getting this type of detailed information while in front of the house and sellers appreciate a REALTOR¨ that undertakes an ad agency approach to marketing as opposed to the typical approach taken by most real estate offices.Click here to see the details.

Most new approaches to traditional business are met with well founded skepticism. The following are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Chip Kidd Realty Services and Real Ads™ Your questions are welcome and will be answered promptly.

Q: What is a Real Ad™ What makes it so special?
A: Literally Real Ads™ are a compilation of computer graphics and desktop publishing that pushes real estate marketing into the 21st century, where it belongs. Most importantly, these ads are sales presentations made to a captive audience in a passive, nonthreatening atmosphere, usually their car, in front of the property. The picture a Real Ad™ paints lets the buyer envision themselves in the home using the special features and enjoying the benefits found therein. This method of advertising has resulted in top dollar sales and achieved the goals of our sellers time after time.

Q: I’ve seen other real estate companies use information sheets on their listing. Isn’t this the same thing?
A: No. The info sheets other companies use typically follow a simple bullet format: • 3 bedrooms • 2 bath • Nice Master, etc. and give the price – period. It’s all most REALTORS¨ know how to do…. if they do that. Real Ads™ are unique pieces of marketing that resemble magazine articles. They provide prospective buyers with the type of detailed information they need to assess individual properties. A typical ad includes a floor plan, plat drawing, area map and a narrative description of the house, including price.

Q: Where do these Real Ads™ go? Who reads them?
A: Real Ads™ are placed where they do the most good – in front of the house. Do you remember what it was like when you were shopping for a home to buy? Looking at real estate signs, writing down names and numbers and trying to find the listing broker on a Saturday afternoon, just to get basic information. At the end of the day you had a confusing scrawl of names, numbers and addresses and had talked to numerous voicemails and had probably forgotten which house went with which number. Available in a receptacle on the yard sign, Real Ads™ let a purchaser “see” what’s happening behind the front of your house – without disturbing you or calling a salesperson. The ad qualifies them for the house: is it large enough? the floor plan they’re looking for? in their price range? When they call the office they already know something about the property and if there’s a match, a showing can be scheduled. Real Ads™ are probably the single most important local means of advertisement any listing can enjoy.

Q: Don’t all real estate companies do the same thing to sell houses?
A: No. There certain steps that most all real estate companies undertake to get their listings sold. Considered industry standards, they are expected by both buyers and sellers: a sign in the yard, an ad in the MLS and a little ad in Sundays paper. As a member of the Austin Board of Realtors and Austin Multiple Listing Service, each listing is placed in the MLS database and two of the most popular real estate websites on the Internet making the listing information available to a tremendous audience. An easy to read company sign is placed on the property indentifying the house for sale and the ads are placed in an easy to use receptacle on the sign. Placed at the curb, driveby traffic can retrieve an ad without getting out of the car. Then, they can call the listing broker or the agent of their choice. Other REALTORS¨ use Real Ads™ to show their customers before actually showing the property and once shown, the floor plan drawing keeps your house fresh in their minds. They can’t buy it, if they can’t remember it. Our marketing revolves around the use of Real Ads™ but doesn’t stop there. With some limitations, a color ad will be produced including the key elements of a Real Ad™ and color photos of the home. The property will be featured on our website: CHIPKIDDREALTY.COM. And lastly, the ads are available in a self serve display, in front of our office, in Manchaca, TX.

Q: I’ve never heard of your company?
A: You have now. Licensed in 1979, I’ve been a real estate broker since 1985. I’ve worked for big companies, small companies and builders before starting Chip Kidd Realty Services in 1993. Real Ads™ are a culmination of experience. They satisfy the frustration that buyers feel when they want “real information” about the properties they are seeing and sellers appreciate the professional approach that goes beyond the expected sign-in-the-yard method taken by even the largest firms.

Q: I’m not sure I feel comfortable using a small company, while the big offices seem to have more of a dominant presence in my neighborhood.
A: This is an understandable concern, but remember even the big companies were once small. There are a lot of fine reputable companies and outstanding REALTORS¨ to call on for the job as your listing broker. None offer the marketing services I provide. At this point, I’d like the opportunity to interview for the job…. you make the decision. Some agencies boast that they’re the biggest in town, others that they have nationwide offices. The adage there’s safety in numbers may be your motto, but the down side is your listing becomes one of hundreds within the confines of a large corporation. As a small company, each listing receives the personal attention that you, as a seller, want and expect. My track record of successful sales is the best way to quell the concerns of sellers reluctant to try something new.

Q: All I’m interested in is an estimation of market value. Will you provide this service?
A: Yes. A market analysis is sometimes important just to see if selling is a viable option. Depending on your need, a detailed report can be prepared on fairly short notice and general questions can be answered on the phone.

If you have no plans for moving, but have other property you?ve considered selling, Real Ads™ are an outstanding vehicle for advertising any type of real estate: lots, acreage or investment property. I can’t afford to confine my business to one area of town, so consequently I have experience in all parts of the Austin area, with all types of property. Feel free to call me with questions regarding this information or real estate questions in general. I can be reached at 282-5377. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.