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Are you currently working with an agent?
If so, remain loyal to that agent. This is a commission only business and many long hours are spent on your behalf before, during and after showing you property. I will share information with your agent, but let them do the work. That’s what they are paid for. Don’t take advantage of me and please be considerate to the REALTORâ„¢ you are working with.

Agency Disclosure – Who represents who?
When discussing the details of a real estate transaction, it’s important to know who the broker represents. On company listings, we represent the seller. On other company’s listings, we represent the buyer and in either situation, we might act as an intermediary, or dual agent, representing both parties. The seller usually pays the sales commission and we are required by law to treat all parties to a contract fairly and honestly. We are, additionally, required to discuss the topic of agency early in our relationship.

Help Us Succeed
Many people don’t realize they wield the power of success for small businesses. Most people assume that businesses of all types, somehow run by themselves whether customers patronize the business or not. Your personal business is important to me, but not everyone is in the market to buy or sell real estate at any given time. Therefore, please keep me in mind when you hear other people discussing their real estate needs and wondering who to call. Repeat business and personal referrals are truly the test of success for small businesses. Help me succeed.